My Life

My childhood was unique. I grew up in a missionary family who moved and traveled most of my early years. By the time I was 17, I had moved 16 times and had attended 9 different schools before my high school graduation in 1990. Throughout my years I have traveled to over 18 nations and served in some aspect of missions my entire life.

I was married at the young age of 20, to the love of my life, Ron Setran. Five years later we started our family and had 3 children, Caleb, Karissa and Kiersten. Ron and I have been married for 28 years. Caleb married Diana in early 2020 and we look forward to seeing our family continue to grow!

It is the role of wife and mother that have taught me the most important lessons of my life. All 3 children, now 4 with the addition of my daughter in law, are my treasures, however, Kiersten is the treasure I intend to keep.

Kiersten has Down Syndrome. News of the arrival of a special needs child ushers in a new and unique life journey for any family. These children are a gift that changes the expected trajectory of a family’s journey. When these special children are loved, embraced and appreciated they truly make life sweeter. They make the world better! It is one of my passions to see special kids, like my own, be able to thrive in their families and communities.
I started serving in a non profit organization as the Business Administrator, then the Assistant Director and then as Director and presently as the Executive Director. Over these 25 years I have trained and mobilized people in missions, served on several boards and leadership teams, but found my greatest joy in mentoring and cheering both men and women on to discover their inner strengths and PURPOSE!!

Knowing me better...

I’m a Type A personality - I love structure, process and organization!

I’m a 2 wing 1 on the Enneagram chart, which means that my passion is serving others, but I also thrive in leadership and organization!

I am Red on the personality chart, which also means that I love my work, I love to lead others and I love organization!
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