I’ve been in the business of serving others my whole life. It’s in my blood! From the time I was born my family was dedicated to a life of serving others. I found great satisfaction in facilitating others' dreams, but then found myself in my mid forties still wondering what I wanted to be when I grew up. I pondered this question over and over, even as I fulfilled some of the greatest desires of my heart - love, marriage, parenthood and leadership. Yet, deep down I still felt something was missing.

I realized what that was…

It was knowing MY purpose. Knowing that I wasn’t JUST put here to facilitate others’ dreams and visions, but that I too possessed my own dreams and visions. It was embracing that my heart’s desires mattered. It was discovering that my life’s journey of serving others has led me to find my greatest joy which is coaching, championing and cheering women on to find their strength and FREEDOM and ultimately to fulfill their PURPOSE!!!!
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